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The Awesome Movement is to show our appreciation to everyday heroes, the people that show up when we are at our most vulnerable and need help the most. The people that risk their lives to save others and people who dedicate their lives to care for us all.

The movement is not just aimed at the frontline people, but also the people behind the scenes, answering calls. Organising logistics and supporting the people we see every day.

In August 2018, there was a news article on the BBC website saying that ambulance crews were ‘upset’ by rude notes left on ambulances while they were attending an emergency.
We were fascinated why anyone would want to do such a thing when ambulance staff are saving lives, so we did lots of research into other incidences and were horrified by the results.
One note said the ambulance would “be smashed” if it parked there again, while another said “I couldn’t give a sh** if the whole street collapsed, now move your van from outside my house”.
We thought that we should do the exact opposite and that was when THE AWESOME MOVEMENT was born.